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postheadericon Sinus Relief Home Remedy

We get many emails asking what the best home remedy is for sinus problems.  We understand: many store bought treatments can be expensive.  So here’s our list of top sinus congestion homeremedies:

1.   Hot Tomato Tea – this concoction tastes good and will clear you up fast.   The spiciness (garlic & hot sauce) opens up your sinuses and the lemon soothes your throat.

2.  Buy a Humidifier – pick up a couple of humidifiers at the hardware store to keep an adequate level of moisture in your home.  Dry air irritates your nose and throat and makes you more susceptible to infections.  Living in Colorado, the dry winter air wreaks havoc on my throat, so I keep a humidifer running all night at the foot of the bed.  Works great!

3.  Saltwater Rinse – you see these kits at the store, but you can easily do this yourself.     Add a teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water and then flush through your nose and out your mouth.  Sounds kind of gross, but works great.   The salt water clears out mucus and adds moisture to your sinus.